CanAm NyCor Drywall Corner Finishing Set (3-in-1)
CanAm NyCor Drywall Corner Finishing Set (3-in-1)
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CanAm NyCor Drywall Corner Finishing Set (3-in-1)

For those that have always wanted to try CanAm Corner Finishers, NyCor requires minimal investment for similar performance. This set is perfect for DIY and home renovations. For the veteran, NyCor can be used on the toughest of jobs to preserve the life of your expensive tools. There is no better corner finisher for training your team!

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  • Uniform Body?? Sculpted from uninterrupted Nylon, this design stands alone in its class.? No screws, no springs, just Nylon mastery.
  • Nylon 6?? Selected after rigorous testing for smooth gliding and the familiar springiness of CanAm flushers.
  • Precision Feathering Tabs?? Reproduces CanAm?s iconic trade secret for a best-in-class, dependable finish.
  • Springless Socket?? Hear the famous CanAm *click* as the flusher is secured onto the handle, allowing you to finish from any angle.
  • Wave Spring Technology?? Patented design ensures just the right amount of stiffness across the entire finisher to create a uniform finish.

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions10 × 10 × 2 in




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