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Building Materials Distributors in Ontario

What we offer

Our services include scheduled deliveries that are accurate and always showing up on time. The list of products available for delivery is extensive and our distribution services alleviates any stress that may come with sourcing and delivering the products independently. We offer a full selection of drywall, insulation, finishing compound, steel, ceiling tiles, truss core, security mesh, fasteners, FRP, wood flooring, plywood, paint, construction tools and accessories. Products are available in-store and online and our knowledgeable team members are always prepared to provide exceptional customer service.


As a Gypsum Specialty Dealer (GSD) we bring knowledge and experience to our selection of materials alongside competitive pricing. The close relationships we have built with our vendors allows us to purchase a wide range of material at competitive prices. As a result, we are able to pass these same benefits along to our customers.


With experience we have learned to anticipate and adjust with the fluctuations of our market, ensuring that we have product available at all times. Drywall, steel, insulation, finishing tools, we stock it all. Our warehouse team starts at the crack of dawn, so that the material is on site on time. Our warehouse and delivery team takes full care to deliver the material on the job site where it is needed.


Yvon’s fleet has grown substantially over the years and is now considered to be one of our most valued features. We are currently operating a collection of over 70 trucks and vehicles including boom trucks, flat beds, and 50’ axel trailers. All of our vehicles are safety approved and well maintained to deliver your construction needs. Our drivers and crane operators are well trained and certified/licensed to deliver the material safely at your site.


All of our branches include retail stores that are accessible, organized, and convenient. And if we don’t have what you are looking for, ask our staff to see if we can order it in for you! Our branch managers and friendly staff are knowledgeable about the selection of products available and are eager to assist you with all your inquiries.


Visit our products page to see products available online.


We offer a full selection of drywall, insulation, steel, finishing products, tools, accessories and much more.
Browse through our products available online for hassle free purchase. For any specialty product or custom lengths, call our customer service or using our contact us form


Our sister company, Yvon Insulation has over 40 years of experience installing a variety of insulation products in both residential and commercial environments. We believe a healthy home is one that is dry, clean, well-insulated and well-ventilated. At Yvon Insulation, we are committed to providing our customers with an extremely high level of customer service. Contact Yvon Insulation today for a Free In-Home Assessment and one of our professional certified installers will teach you about how upgrading your insulation can create a healthy and energy-efficient home.

Please visit for detailed information. We promise the same family experience from start to end. Our company takes pride in the top-quality products and services we deliver and have never once compromised our quality guarantee for anything else.


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