No Pock Drywall Mud Additive 1.89 L
No Pock Drywall Mud Additive 1.89 L
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No Pock Drywall Mud Additive 1.89 L

No Pock! is a drywall compound additive specifically formulated to reduce pock marks while increasing the workability of the compound by reducing friction. By adding only one capful of No Pock Pro to five gallons of joint compound mixture it will help eliminate pock marks, save material, reduce compound shrinkage and save on precious time.

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SKU: ST5020

SKU: ST5020
  • Drywall joint compound mud additive that helps eliminate pock marks and air bubbles
  • Add one cap-full to 5 gallons of joint compound to help save material, labour and help reduce compound shrinkage
  • 1.89 litres / 64 ozs. per bottle
  • Treats 16 boxes/ pails of joint compound
  • Cannot be frozen
  • Additional information

    Weight4.65 lbs
    Dimensions6 × 3.5 × 11.25 in




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