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6 benefits of fiberglass insulation

6 Benefits of Fiberglass Insulation

Published By : Rebecca Scott

Insulation is an essential component of any building, from commercial offices and high-rises to residential homes and condominiums. It is the product behind the walls and between the floors of a building that helps keep the space comfortable throughout the seasons while reducing heating and cooling costs.

While many different materials can be used for insulation, fiberglass insulation is among the best choices for any building project. It will not only benefit you as the builder, but also the end client.

The manufacturing of fiberglass contributes to its superior performance as an insulating material. It is created from extremely fine, thinly spun glass fibers using recycled glass. The strength of the glass and the woven texture results in a material that’s highly effective and extremely durable.

So, why is this material an absolute must when you are ready to insulate your structure? This article will explore six benefits you and your client can expect.

1. Safety

The safety of the building is always the most important thing, both during construction and afterwards. At Yvon Building Supply, we only supply premium quality materials and ensure all our products meet the highest safety standards.

Thanks to its moisture-proof and fire-resistant qualities, fiberglass is a safe and stable material that clients can trust to provide insulation and protection for years to come.


Made of glass fibers, the material is resistant to moisture, keeping it free from issues like dampness and mould. While the insulation is thick, soft, and even bouncy, there is nothing for condensation or other water sources (such as from flooding) to cling to. Therefore, moisture evaporates quickly, eliminating mould concerns.


Fiberglass is made from recycled materials such as sand, glass, and silica, all of which are non-combustible. This is a huge benefit, as most insulations are placed near wooden structures and joists to decrease fire risks.

2. Sound-Resistant

The thickness of the insulation, combined with the tight weave of the material, means it is very difficult for sound to travel through it. This makes it essential when insulating large apartments on a block or townhouses close to each other.

No one likes to hear what their neighbours are up to or the type of music they listen to. Thus, having insulation that provides an almost perfect sound barrier is a significant bonus.

3. Energy and money-saver

Today’s cost of living is growing increasingly higher. New builds need to factor in how their structures can help reduce some costs for the end client. Indeed, this could be the difference in whether or not you can sell the units.

Fiberglass is an ideal insulator during both the winter and summer months. It reduces heat flow, keeping heat trapped inside during cold weather and preventing it from getting in when the weather is hot. As such, heating and A/C systems need to do less work to maintain a comfortable temperature, keeping energy costs down.

To see how much insulation can save the clients on their bills, the R-value (the performance rating given to an insulation material that determines the rate of airflow) should be around 4.3. This rating ensures that the insulation will perform optimally and generate ongoing savings.

4. Variable forms

Fiberglass insulation typically comes in two forms. This gives you options, especially when you are looking to insulate an area with limited room.

The most commonly seen insulation form in attic spaces, for instance, is batt or roll form. This is essentially a blanket of insulation laid out on the floor or stapled upright in large sheets on the walls and roof.

For smaller and tighter spaces that are hard to get into, the insulation can be blown in (sprayed) or dumped in a loose-fill form. Loose-fill insulation can also be applied over the top of the blanket form to increase the R-value if required.

If you opt for the blanket form of insulation, it is advisable to unroll it and allow it to puff up to its full thickness before installation. If it has not been fully filled out, the R-value will be reduced.

5. Easy installation

For safety reasons, it is recommended that insulation, whether fiberglass or not, should be done by a professional. Still, it is easy enough to install if there is a need to replace it (such as if the property has been significantly damaged), then the property owner can do so themselves.

Fiberglass insulation is a simple and extremely effective way to ensure a structure is energy-efficient and sound-proof, and it’s relatively easy and fast to install, making the many benefits all the more worthwhile.

6. Cost-effectiveness

As fiberglass is made from recycled materials (making it an eco-friendly option), it is a less expensive product to purchase, either in small amounts or bulk.

This allows you to increase the budget for other construction materials or labour so that the rest of the building can benefit from better purchasing choices.

Yvon Building Supply: Your Local Insulation Specialists

Yvon Building Supply has all your insulation needs, including fiberglass insulation and the accessories and tools required to install it.

The composition of fiberglass material requires that it be handled with special care, as the fine glass particles can cause itching or burning sensations to bare skin. It is recommended that the installer uses protective wear such as gloves and face masks in order to work safely with the product.

Yvon Building Supply offers all these items, alongside tools and accessories such as staples, hammer tackers, sealant, rafter vents and more. We are your one-stop shop for everything you need to complete the build and pass on savings to your client. 

With locations serving all of Ontario and professional staff who can guide you and recommend the best tools for the job, we can provide you with the right insulation and accessories for your project.

Reach out to us today by calling 905-635-8700, or to learn why Yvon Building Supply is trusted by so many companies with their building needs, contact us here.

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