Dewalt 6″ Joint Knife w/ Nylon Handle
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Dewalt 6″ Joint Knife w/ Nylon Handle


DEWALT stainless steel joint knives are designed and manufactured using nearly 20-years of input from professional finishers. High-quality stainless steel provides corrosion resistance. The lightweight nylon handles are solvent resistant and ergonomically designed for all-day use with minimal fatigue. These knives also feature a metal hammer end for resetting drywall nails.

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  • Precision hollow-ground provides proper flex point midway up the carbon steel blade (versus near the handle), the blade feels nicely broken-in” from the first moment you use it, this means better feel for faster application rates, optimum blade control and smoother finishes
  • Premium stainless steel blade provides corrosion resistance, polished blade for easy cleanup
  • Lightweight, solvent resistant, nylon handle ergonomically designed for all day use with minimal fatigue

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