From basement renovations to large-scale construction projects, it is no secret that all buildings require proper insulation in order to retain energy efficiency. A seamless insulation system does not only keep buildings warm and comfortable all year round but also accompany other fantastic benefits including lower electricity use, improved structural integrity, soundproofing, mould protection, and more. Our amazing selection of insulation products includes:


EcoTouch® PINK® FIBERGLAS® insulation manufactured by Owens Corning uses state-of-the-art PureFiber® technology that creates high-performance insulation using up to 73% recycled materials. Benefits include eco-friendliness, excellent R-value retention, spectacular fire rating, water resistance, and acoustical performance.

Mineral Wool Products

Rockwool® insulation utilizes the amazing thermal characteristics of stone to manufacture one of the best performing products in the industry. With excellent fire resilience, acoustic capabilities, circularity, rigidity, and thermal capacities, these mineral wool products are designed to keep your property well-insulated for many decades to come. Stylish aesthetics are an added bonus!

Rigid Foams

Celfort® 300 & Foamular® insulation boards are made from high density extruded polystyrene materials and are widely used in parking decks, rail beds, airport runways, and more. Engineered by Owens Corning, this highly compressed insulation offers excellent protection against moisture, infestation, severe freeze & thaw, and mechanical stress.

Spray Foam

Insulthane 200 Evolution is a versatile spray foam insulation manufactured by Elastochem that is widely used in all kinds of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Because of its spectacular thermal capacity and functionality as an air barrier, spray foam insulation is always a dependable choice.

Whatever your needs are, our client-focused experts will happily guide you through our full selection of products to help you make the best choice for your valuable property. Visit our Yvon Insulation website for a more in-depth overview of our insulation products. Yvon Building Supply currently delivers insulation and other products to many Southern Ontario communities, including but not limited to:

Our full selection of top-of-the-line products also includes drywall, compounds, steel, acoustical ceilings, fasteners, accessories, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic), Trusscore, Trimtex, plywood, sheet lead, and security mesh. We have partnered with some of the best vendors in the industry and will always serve you with great emphasis on quality, safety, and efficiency. For more information regarding careers at our company, our fleet, our services, or appointment availabilities, please contact us at any time. We hope to see you soon!

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